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The Theater in Your Child’s Mind and Positive Visualization, Part 2

Ok, welcome back! We’re going to pick up our discussion on “The Theater in Your Mind” right now…

Let’s pretend your child has an important project which will require him so speak in front of his class or maybe the entire school. Now keep in mind this is just an example, but the idea is to use visualization on just about everything, especially the tasks which he may feel challenged and fearful of. Say to him something like this. ” Son it’s your turn. You feel calm, your muscles are relaxed, you’re breathing easily, you’re on your way up to the stage and you’re taking your time. You stand confident and speak clearly; everyone can’t wait to hear your presentation. During your presentation everyone is focused on you because you’re doing such a great job. You finish and everyone claps! You did fantastic!”

Using the theater of the mind to rehearse success will be very powerful for you and your child. I encourage you to try it! Just remember when you visualize and self-talk (Incidentally, it’s ok to talk to yourself. It’s even ok to answer, just as long as you don’t say “huh?” to the answers.) You have to imagine vividly that it’s actually happening. You must also talk and visualize in positive terms, “I am relaxed” I gave a great presentation” Not “I will not screw up”

I’d been interested to hear your feedback, let me know how it goes.

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